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Wifi Geolocation

Playing around with Google Latitude I was VERY surprised to see Latitude work out my exact location. How are they doing this? I don’t have a GPS in my netbook? Turns out they use wifi location to do this. When Latitude determines your location it gathers up a list of all the nearby Wifi SSIDs […]

Google App Engine – Tetris Challenge

Here’s my attempt to learn Google App Engine / python: The Tetris code challenge, you write a tetris playing algorithm, and the app challenges your algorithm. Anyone can write an auto-player algorithm in anything that can do cgi: php,, jsp, etc. I’ve provided a sample client that can easily be hosted on App Engine […]

PropertyInfo.GetCustomAttributes() Doesn’t Return Inherited Attributes

Here’s a problem I ran into today. If you have an attribute on the property of a base class; are you able to read it via PropertyInfo.GetCustomAttributes on the properties of a subclass. Here’s where it helps to read the fine print. PropertyInfo.GetCustomAttributes takes a parameter for ‘inherit’ – yet the reference for PropertyInfo contains […]

C# command line parser?

Sat down to start a little command-line app on the weekend – anyone know of a good library to parse command line arguments? Expecting something with a simple api to set up a list of arguments, specific mandatory ones, and enforce some validation (types and ranges?). Quick Google search came up with: Automatic Command Line […]