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Link Drop VI

UltraVNC SC – a VNC ‘server’ you can package up and send to friend. When launched UltraVNC SC makes the outbound connection back to your waiting VNC client. No need to set-up any firewall rules on the ‘controlled’ PC. Thoof – always has a few articles I find interesting. Uses your stats (articles clicked, your […]

Link drop V

Method Studios – Mountain Dew “Spy vs. Spy” – some clever CGI makes for a bit of nostalgia for old MAD magazine fans. SIMILE | Timeline – Javascript library for displaying a draggable/clickable timeline. Free Ports & Network Services Informations Database – AJAXy port number lookup. Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials – some tutorials […]

Some Things I Currently Think Are Cool

Okay, I’m a geek.. There won’t be any going back after this.. The Daily WTF – a regular dose of schadenfreude. AlterSlash ~ the unofficial SlashDot digest – has an algorithm to pull out the best comments for each Slashdot article displayed in digest format. Its got me back reading Slashdot, the comments are actually […]

Another link drop

Holidaying in Rio de Janeiro: Why not stay at Pousada Favelinha? Sounds like favela tourism is the way to discover Brazil! CSS Menus – Horizontal CSS Menu with Dropdown and Popout Menus Bucky’s BR Dome – Urban exploration in a derelict geodesic dome in Louisiana Currently my favourite ad on telly for the Volkswagen Jetta […]