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ObjectDataSource DateTime, and Locale

Thinking of using an ObjectDataSource and DetailsView to populate/save your business object? If the object has a DateTime property – lets hope you live in the United States! Had an strange problem today with a birthday set to October 9, 1940. The edit screen would populate a TextBox with “9/10/1940”, correct for my culture en-AU. […]

Facebook dev, IIS 5.1, and error 405

In the middle of a Facebook application idea of mine. Using the FacebookToolkit to get something together. It’s pretty interesting how Facebook integrates with 3rd party applications. Short version: User accesses “<appplication_name>”, Facebooks sends your page a POST (you host it wherever you want); Facebook displays the output of your page. Long story: Basic Application […]

Moving from ASP.NET 1.1 to 2.0

Request Validation – 2.0 picks up ‘malicious’ HTML even when it’s escaped. ASP.NET 2.0 MasterPages and FindControl() – recursively searching for controls inside a masterpage. TextBox ReadOnly in ASP.NET v2.0 – populating a readonly textbox via script, the contents of the textbox don’t get populated on the PostBack page. The Attributes property of a ListItem […]

Scott Guthrie’s ASP.NET + Atlas Tutorial

Pretty cool demo of some of the new features of VS.NET 2005 + ASP.NET from Scott Guthrie here. Scott shows off the new features in: DataSets, master pages, and Atlas. Try count how many times he says ‘go ahead’. How is he recording that? Maybe it’s that ‘clapper board’ icon in the systray? Looks like […]