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Wifi Geolocation

Playing around with Google Latitude I was VERY surprised to see Latitude work out my exact location. How are they doing this? I don’t have a GPS in my netbook?

Turns out they use wifi location to do this. When Latitude determines your location it gathers up a list of all the nearby Wifi SSIDs / MAC addresses and sends this to Google. Google have a database of Wifi access point locations created by driving cars around. This database, in combination with the nearby Wifi details, is used to determine your location. Pretty amazing that this actually works! Skyhook wireless is the first company I heard about building a Wifi database.

Always curious to see this stuff in action I fired up Fiddler to see exactly what is being sent to determine my location.


POST /loc/json HTTP/1.1

  "access_token": "2:Fv--0aj9-Vr4_3ir:8uFyciMoILwtrXry", 
  "host": "", 
  "radio_type": "unknown", 
  "request_address": false, 
  "version": "1.1.0", 
  "wifi_towers": [
      "mac_address": "00-0b-6b-81-7b-14", 
      "signal_strength": -72, 
      "ssid": "OA0509-0077-1-M"
      "mac_address": "00-0b-6b-81-7d-0d", 
      "signal_strength": -78, 
      "ssid": "OA0509-0096-1-1"
      "mac_address": "00-0b-6b-81-7d-0f", 
      "signal_strength": -85, 
      "ssid": "OA0509-0052-2-1"
      "mac_address": "00-0b-6b-81-7d-29", 
      "signal_strength": -80, 
      "ssid": "OA0509-0096-2-1"
      "mac_address": "00-0b-6b-81-7d-8a", 
      "signal_strength": -82, 
      "ssid": "OA0509-0101-1-1"
      "mac_address": "00-0b-6b-81-7e-bd", 
      "signal_strength": -79, 
      "ssid": "OA0509-0052-1-1"
      "mac_address": "00-22-3f-9b-f1-a4", 
      "signal_strength": -61, 
      "ssid": "2/107"


  "location": {
    "accuracy": 165.0, 
    "latitude": -33.874097499999998, 
    "longitude": 151.20640280000001

Want to add geolocation to your own web application? Check out the Google Gears Geolocation API, or the Firefox’s geolocation object

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  1. SCO | March 8, 2010 at 7:11 pm | Permalink

    Check this

  2. CristianTM | May 5, 2010 at 10:25 pm | Permalink

    This can t be true.

    I'm pretty sure that Google NEVER came to my street by car, in a medium-sozed city of Brazil, to be able to say where my home access point is located. But it points EXACTLY to my home.

    I guess they store the data from my GPS powered cell phone where I've used latitude to identify location of my access point.

  3. Russ | May 5, 2010 at 10:48 pm | Permalink

    Hi CristianTM, have a look at the skyhook wireless coverage: There's a few points around Rio & São Paulo. Note anyone can submit the location of their access point:

    Here's an experiment – try the firefox geolocation demo on a wifi laptop that's not connected to your phone: Or try it with wifi disabled, only connected to the net via ethernet.

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