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Windows Azure – SlashView

Update (18-Sept-2009): Hot off twitter: Introducing the Windows Azure Service Management API – my wish (below) has been granted. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s my first attempt playing around with Azure: SlashView

The idea behind the site is pretty simple – I’ve got a worker process scraping all the comments off Slashdot every 10 minutes. I get all the stats off the comments, and display the results in a Silverlight graph.

The learning curve for Azure isn’t too steep if you are already an ASP.NET developer. The only new technology I’ve had come up to speed with is the deployment process, and the table/blog storage services.

Some indispensable resources I’ve discovered along the way:

Wish list: an automated deploy. It can take a long while to ‘Suspend’, ‘Delete’, ‘Deploy’ from the developer portal..

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