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{ Monthly Archives } October 2008

Amazon EC2 – Now with Windows Server 2003!

Amazon EC2 now supports Windows Server 2003 based virtual machines: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Running Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server. Grab a Windows virtual machine for $USD0.125 an hour. Quick recap: EC2 is akin to virtual private server hosting, where you pay by the hour. EC2 is administered via a service that allows […]

Playing with JQuery and ASP.NET MVC

UPDATE: Thanks for the comment Chris. I guess after years of wrestling with Javascript I didn’t think of reading in the UI elements to set the cookie. If the cookie was storing something like timezones, I could stick the timezone key into an expando property of the div – nice! I’ve updated the source code […]

Converting Timezones in .net

Ever had the need to convert a date/time to another timezone? I had to do it a while back to display publishing deadlines for a website used in Australia and New Zealand. Back then I used a wrapper for the kernel32 function SystemTimeToTzSpecificLocalTime from the CodeProject article Convert between UTC (Universal Co-ordinated Time) and local […]