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{ Monthly Archives } February 2008

Silverlight Animated Optical Illusion

Spotted this illusion on digg: The anatomy of an illusion — and what it tells us about the visual system. Being the skepical fellow I am – I decided to recreate this illusion. The animation is simply cycling the colours of inner circles. From/to the frames below. So, here’s my Silverlight version of the animated […]

ObjectDataSource DateTime, and Locale

Thinking of using an ObjectDataSource and DetailsView to populate/save your business object? If the object has a DateTime property – lets hope you live in the United States! Had an strange problem today with a birthday set to October 9, 1940. The edit screen would populate a TextBox with “9/10/1940”, correct for my culture en-AU. […]

How Does OpenID Work?

I’ve heard about OpenID on a podcast I listen to. Sounds interesting – an open source solution to have a ‘single sign on’ for many websites. Interested to see how this works – both as a user, and as a website author. Here’s a run through of an example authentication: User accesses an OpenID enabled […]