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{ Monthly Archives } August 2007

Creating Your Own Dev SSL Cert for IIS

Ever wanted to create an SSL certificate for your dev box? There’s no need for a well known CA like Verisign or Comodo on your dev box. Here are some guides to creating your own CA/signed certificates: Setting up SSL with a SelfSSL certificate on Windows Server 2003 – create a self signed certificate with […]

Moving from ASP.NET 1.1 to 2.0

Request Validation – 2.0 picks up ‘malicious’ HTML even when it’s escaped. ASP.NET 2.0 MasterPages and FindControl() – recursively searching for controls inside a masterpage. TextBox ReadOnly in ASP.NET v2.0 – populating a readonly textbox via script, the contents of the textbox don’t get populated on the PostBack page. The Attributes property of a ListItem […]

Link Drop VI

UltraVNC SC – a VNC ‘server’ you can package up and send to friend. When launched UltraVNC SC makes the outbound connection back to your waiting VNC client. No need to set-up any firewall rules on the ‘controlled’ PC. Thoof – always has a few articles I find interesting. Uses your stats (articles clicked, your […]