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{ Monthly Archives } April 2007

Google Finance

Google has entered the finance info field – and brought with them some very fancy features, all with a nice UI: AUD to USD. The graph is draggable, grab it and move back into the history – or click the ‘1y’, ‘5y’ links. News items are plotted on the graph, and scroll into view as […]

Link drop V

Method Studios – Mountain Dew “Spy vs. Spy” – some clever CGI makes for a bit of nostalgia for old MAD magazine fans. SIMILE | Timeline – Javascript library for displaying a draggable/clickable timeline. Free Ports & Network Services Informations Database – AJAXy port number lookup. Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials – some tutorials […]

ShowMeDo: WASTE tutorial

My ShowMeDo tutorial Secure File Transfer With WASTE has just gone online. ShowMeDo is web site for tech tutorials in flash video – the majority are screencasts on varied programming topics. ShowMeDo has huge potential for learning new technologies, I think its going to get bigger and bigger…