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Update: Remote Desktop + SSH/Putty

This is an update to the article below:
Remote Desktop + SSH/Putty.

After reading this article on accessing a machine behind a firewall [pdf link] it occured to me that the configuration in the previous post could also be used to access a work PC from home.

When you add a ‘tunnel’ via the dialog above, you can add either a local or remote tunnel. A local tunnel is like saying “I want to create a ‘wormhole’ port x on this PC which emerges at port y on at the SSH server”. My configuration above has local ports 3390 and 3391 configured to ’emerge’ at the Remote Desktop ports on my two home machines.

A remote tunnel tells the SSH server to create a ‘wormhole’ port on the SSH server. The remote port above points port 3400 on my SSH box to port 80 on the client machine. So I can open a browser on my SSH machine, and browse localhost:3400 and see the webserver on my work PC.

This is all explained well in the Putty documentation.

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