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Electronic paper

Electronic paper (or epaper) is a new display technology that I’m really keen to check out. LCD works by shining a light through a transparent display. Electronic paper contains configurable pigment that reflects light – just as ink on a piece of paper does. So epaper is just as readable as normal printed text. Anyone who has attempted to read a laptop in bright sunlight is probably half as excited as I am about this technology.

Citizen have a upcoming flexible digital wall clock. Currently the only commerical implementation of epaper is the Sony Librie EBR-1000EP. The product itself has some questionable purpose, but the reviewers are all commend the display.

From MAKE: blog:

The display looks so “real” it appears as if it’s a sticker or printed on the screen.

From dottocomu:

The screen is unbelievable. Not quite paper, more like a dull plastic like look. My first impression of the device was that it was not an actual working unit, but a plastic mock up made for stores. With high contrast black text on a reflective background, the screen has a readability rivaling actual paper.

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