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{ Monthly Archives } November 2005

Space Needle

Space Needle, originally uploaded by Experimenting with the blogs feature of flickr. Things are really coming together with “Web 2.0” technologies.

Viewing the Locks in MS-SQL

select, sli.*, sp.* from sysobjects as so join master..syslockinfo as sli on sli.rsc_objid = join master..sysprocesses as sp on sp.spid = sli.req_spid where xtype = ‘U’ System tables reference: sysobjects syslockinfo sysprocesses

We’re off to Germany

Australia in Germany 2006! Awesome! We’re off to Germany! Australia 1-1 Uruguay (4-2 pens) Socceroos qualify for World Cup AUSTRALIA IS THROUGH! The wizards of Oz

Tricky Dynamic Controls in ASP.NET

A few months ago I ran into a problem at work that forced me to really read up on dynamic controls and VIEWSTATE. Creating Dynamic controls requires a good understanding of the sequence of events when a page is generated in ASP.NET. If you don’t understand what is happening things can get real messy, real […]