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How Does OpenID Work?

I’ve heard about OpenID on a podcast I listen to. Sounds interesting – an open source solution to have a ‘single sign on’ for many websites. Interested to see how this works – both as a user, and as a website author. Here’s a run through of an example authentication: User accesses an OpenID enabled […]

Firefox extension: CookiePie

Problem: I’m testing a Facebook application of mine, so I’ve created a few ‘testing’ accounts. Rather than logging in/out of each account – I’d like to be logged into all accounts at the same time. Got me thinking there must be a Firefox extension to do this. Solution: CookiePie: The CookiePie Firefox extension allows you […]

Charles Proxy

Checking out Charles Web Debugging Proxy while I’m having a bit of a look under of the hood of SSL-Explorer. Snooping on an a SSL session works straight out of the box. Must be using a ‘man-in-the-middle‘ method to sit between me an the SSL website. Yet, when I access via Charles Proxy I […]


This handy utility lets you query logs just like SQL: LogParser – Download LogParser. Running this from the command line tells me which pages are getting 500 errors: LogParser.exe “SELECT cs-uri-stem, count(*) FROM ex*.log where sc-status=500 group by cs-uri-stem” Where ‘ex*.log’ are all my IIS log files… Forensic Log Parsing with Microsoft’s LogParser – covers […]