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Amazon EC2 – Now with Windows Server 2003!

Amazon EC2 now supports Windows Server 2003 based virtual machines: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Running Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server. Grab a Windows virtual machine for $USD0.125 an hour. Quick recap: EC2 is akin to virtual private server hosting, where you pay by the hour. EC2 is administered via a service that allows […]

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud – EC2

The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2 for short) was recently mentioned on the IT Conversations podcast episode A Web-Scale Computing Architecture. EC2 looks very similar to a Virtual Private Server hosting service – where you rent a virtualized server. On top of this service is a webservice giving you the ability to dynamically create, stop […]

VMware update

What I’ve discovered playing with VMware server. The wikipedia entry is actually more informative than the VMware website (or I was more patient tonight). From wikipedia: the difference between VMware Player and Server: VMware Player, a free virtual-machine host, can run virtual machines made by other VMware products, but cannot itself create new virtual machines. […]

Trustix + VMware Server

Queen’s birthday long weekend – and I’ve found another quick geeky project to play with at home. This one was quick (I swear!). I’ve being contemplating recently how I’d go about setting up a small business network with the essentials – web/mail/file/proxy server plus the very necessary extras like back-up and spam/virus filtering for email. […]