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Better Password Management

Saturday night geek project: do something about my dodgy password management. Maybe listening to the Security Now podcast has got me paranoid enough to do something about my passwords. I currently deal with passwords in a way that’s no embarrassingly bad I’m not going to mention it. Not as bad as a “passwords.txt” on the […]

SyncToy for Windows XP

SyncToy for Windows XP is a simple bit of software from Microsoft that fits the bill for my home PC backups. Give it any number of folder pairs, and configure how you’d like the two folders to remain in sync. There are 5 different synchronisation methods, each differ in the way they treat deleted/modified/new files. […]


This handy utility lets you query logs just like SQL: LogParser – Download LogParser. Running this from the command line tells me which pages are getting 500 errors: LogParser.exe “SELECT cs-uri-stem, count(*) FROM ex*.log where sc-status=500 group by cs-uri-stem” Where ‘ex*.log’ are all my IIS log files… Forensic Log Parsing with Microsoft’s LogParser – covers […]