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Fixing Mojibake / borked Unicode text

Here’s a problem I’ve recently hit at work. I hit the google geocode API with a couple of thousand addresses and stored the JSON results. Using the WebClient DownloadString method I didn’t think to set anything for the encoding. Browsing through the output files I see “Dorfstraße” where I’m expecting to see “Dorfstraße”. Urgh, mojibake! […]

A Quick Intro to Facebook’s Auth + Graph API

Update 2011-02-19: Facebook appear to have changed their documentation a bit; I’ve just gone through the article to keep everything in line with the Facebook documentation. The old authorization URLs still work, just hoping to save any confusion. Another quick blog article just to settle/document some concepts in my own head, and hopefully provide a […]

Amazon Mechanical Turk Quick Intro

I’ve read a bit about Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, and it sounds like a very interesting technology. It is a market place to put up little tasks for workers around the world to complete, i.e tag a photo, categorize this dress, find an email for the business, etc. Now I’m wondering what interface you have to […]

I had some time on the weekend to do some coding, so I “finished” a project I’ve spent a few nights playing with. The idea was to pull together some visualization of the twitter sample feed.   A work colleague (spud) suggested a heatmap where the points fade out over a few frames.  And here […]