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Subject Alternative Names for SSL

Last time I blogged about SSL and host-headers I was convinced it is only possible to host multiple SSL sites on one IP address when using a wildcard certifcate. I think I was right at the time, and now comes along Unified Communications UC SSL Certificates (aka Subject Alternative Name). Same issue as before: host-headers […]

Charles Proxy

Checking out Charles Web Debugging Proxy while I’m having a bit of a look under of the hood of SSL-Explorer. Snooping on an a SSL session works straight out of the box. Must be using a ‘man-in-the-middle‘ method to sit between me an the SSL website. Yet, when I access via Charles Proxy I […]

Update: Remote Desktop + SSH/Putty

This is an update to the article below: Remote Desktop + SSH/Putty. After reading this article on accessing a machine behind a firewall [pdf link] it occured to me that the configuration in the previous post could also be used to access a work PC from home. When you add a ‘tunnel’ via the dialog […]

Remote Desktop + SSH/Putty

If you ever want to open your PC for remote access – but want something relatively secured. Here is a good solution using: OpenSSH, Putty, and public/private key authentication. Putty can access your OpenSSH server via a HTTP proxy on port 443, which is handy if you are behind a firewall (i.e. at work). Took […]