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IIS, SSL and Host-Headers

Update (3-Aug-2010): Multiple SSL domains on a single IP are now possible using Unified Communications UC SSL Certificates (Subject Alternative Name) – see my follow up article: Subject Alternative Names for SSL Here’s a knowledge base article I use to explain why an SSL site needs its own IP address: HTTP 1.1 host headers are […]

Facebook dev, IIS 5.1, and error 405

In the middle of a Facebook application idea of mine. Using the FacebookToolkit to get something together. It’s pretty interesting how Facebook integrates with 3rd party applications. Short version: User accesses “<appplication_name>”, Facebooks sends your page a POST (you host it wherever you want); Facebook displays the output of your page. Long story: Basic Application […]

Creating Your Own Dev SSL Cert for IIS

Ever wanted to create an SSL certificate for your dev box? There’s no need for a well known CA like Verisign or Comodo on your dev box. Here are some guides to creating your own CA/signed certificates: Setting up SSL with a SelfSSL certificate on Windows Server 2003 – create a self signed certificate with […]