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{ Monthly Archives } May 2006

IE Javascript problem?

What would you expect the bit of javascript below to do? <html> <body> <select id="testing"> </select> <script> var testing = document.getElementById(‘testing’); var georgeOpt = new Option("George", 1); testing.options[testing.length]=georgeOpt; var paulOpt = new Option("Paul", 2); testing.options[testing.length]=paulOpt; var johnOpt = new Option("John", 3); testing.options[testing.length]=johnOpt; var ringoOpt = new Option("Ringo", 4); ringoOpt.selected = true; testing.options[testing.length]=ringoOpt; </script> </body> </html> […]

Scott Guthrie’s ASP.NET + Atlas Tutorial

Pretty cool demo of some of the new features of VS.NET 2005 + ASP.NET from Scott Guthrie here. Scott shows off the new features in: DataSets, master pages, and Atlas. Try count how many times he says ‘go ahead’. How is he recording that? Maybe it’s that ‘clapper board’ icon in the systray? Looks like […]

Google Trends

Okay, Google’s latest project Google Trends is pretty entertaining. Type in a search term like, ‘hurricane katrina‘ and get back a graph of search volume over time, and a table of the cities where the search term was most popular. The results are normalised, i.e. the table is ordered by searches for ‘hurricane katrina’ over […]