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{ Monthly Archives } January 2006

Debugging XmlSerializer

This is pretty much the reason why I started this blog. I regularly find an article to help with a particular coding problem I’m having. The really frustrating thing is having the problem (or a similar one) a second time and not being able to google up the article again! Which is what happened last […]

Google Video Highlights

It took someone as smart as Google to realise the current multitude of video clients and codecs isn’t good for the web. The Google video site uses Flash for video playback. No need to download Quicktime, Real, or the latest Windows Media. I can actually send someone a link to a streamed video reasonably confident […]

Quick way to find space used by each table in a database

Found this very handy: sp_msforeachtable ‘sp_spaceused “?”‘ Produces a kind of ugly output (returns a table for each table). The original article includes a query to get all the results into one table: Quick way to find space used by each table in a database

Reverse IP Lookup

Whois Source has a pretty cool feature: Reverse IP Lookup. Enter an IP or domain and find out how many other sites are sharing the same IP. Requires ‘silver membership’ to see all the matching sites, but the free membership will tell you the number of sites that match. Good way to check if your […]